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Welcome to 24 Hour Gridlock Series!

Did you ever think sitting in GRIDLOCK traffic for 24 hours would be fun?
 If you do,  you have a chance to win up to $150,000.00 (depending on car entries)  ,We put between 300-1500 cars on a oval race track (depending on track size) for 24hrs, and whoever gets the most laps in 24hrs win’s! Its that simple.

This series is about FUN, ENDURANCE and PATIENCE. You don’t need to be an experienced racecar driver or even own a racecar to participate in the race.  Bring a car, Form a team of 4 your friends/family, Put together a game plan and  If you survive the full 24hrs, you might find yourself a winner.

We pick different tracks in different states each month and give people the opportunity to win up to $150,000 (depending on the size of track and number of entries). Don’t worry “YOU DON’T HAVE TO WIN TO CASH IN” because we award more than a 1st place finish.

Hope to see you at the track for a weekend of fun!.