Starting Positions

1. During tech inspection team Captain will be assigned a number, That will be your starting position and your car number.

2. Assigned numbers must be placed on dash and spray painted on both sides and roof of car.

3. Car number will determine starting position.

4. You will line up in numerical order when called to grid. If you don’t come in time lose your place.



1. All cars will fill up in a fuel area, anyone caught filling up a car outside the fuel area will
be disqualified. (Once the race starts)
2. Only the driver and 1 other person are allowed in fuel area, you can switch drivers when
you do this
3. Must have a fire extinguisher present when fueling.
4. Must have a catch (tray) to catch any spills ( we don’t want fuel spills all over the place)
5. Both Team members must have long pants and closed toe shoes on when fueling.


1.All cars will get teched for proper driver door safety, clean glass removal, reinforcements of any kind, working AM/FM radio, stock fuel tank,seat belt, and working muffler.

2. All drivers’ helmets will be inspected for valid certification and condition.

3. Any cars not in compliance will not be eligible to race.

4. Tech will assign starting position, that will be your car number and starting number.

Scoring Transponder


2. You can bring your own Mylaps X2 OR TranX260 compatible transponder or rent a transponder for $50. A deposit of a credit card will be used or $500 cash, YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS AT THE TRACK. once you return the transponder after the race you will get your card or cash back.

3.We don’t own them we rent them, we just pass the cost to you. You will mount your transponder

4. If transponder is lost or damaged we will charge you the cost of the transponder, so mount it securely. Bring a drill and self tapping screws and or rivets .

5. Once you get your transponder mounted you will go SLOWLY around the track 1 time to check if working. Go to for mounting instructions to make sure how to mount them. We are not responsible for mounting them.